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2024 Camp Registration Now Open!

July 28th to Aug 2nd

Connecting Generations Through Icelandic Heritage

For more than three decades, Icelandic Camp has been uniting young people of Icelandic descent, fostering a deep connection to their shared heritage. Throughout six enriching days, campers dive headfirst into Icelandic culture, engaging in language lessons, Viking crafts, and sagas.

Through these immersive experiences, campers begin to cultivate a profound appreciation for their Icelandic roots, while forging life-long friendships and reverence for the land and Lake Winnipeg.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Icelandic Camp is to provide a place for all children and youth of Icelandic descent (non-Icelanders welcome) to gather and ignite the passion for all things Icelandic in North American youth. We strive to have our campers learn and speak Icelandic language, not just during camp but all year round.  We promote active involvement in their local Icelandic community and strive to make each youth an advocate for Icelandic Camp!


The Beginning

In the beginning the idea of holding an annual camp for young people of Icelandic descent was a way to bring kids together from the local area. With help from Lorna Tergesen, Gunnvor Danielsdottir Asmundson and several other ladies in the Gimli area, the Icelandic Language and Cultural Camp was born.


Over the years Icelandic Camp has taken place in several different locations. We currently have residence at the lovely and scenic Camp Veselka, located just 2 miles north of Gimli, Manitoba.  With its rustic cabins, ample spaces, large play area and private beach Camp Veselka has much to offer and more.

Have Question? Want to Get Involved?

Whether you want to donate your time, experience, knowledge or money there are many ways to to help the Icelandic Camp.


Thanks for your interest!

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