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Icelandic Camp Scholarships

Scholarships are available for qualifying young people to attend Icelandic Camp.

Fill out an application form and submit before July 15th!


Icelandic Roots is a vibrant, interactive, nonprofit community all-volunteer organization. Together, they work to preserve, promote, and educate others about our shared Icelandic heritage with various community fun online events, opportunities, interesting newsletters and seminars, and genealogy (not just names and dates).


Icelandic Roots has Icelandic Camp scholarships available. Whether you apply for a scholarship or not, please fill in a Cousins Across the Ocean form.


This is a free service. Icelandic Roots is a non-profit, non-political, all-volunteer, charitable organization with a mission to educate, preserve, and promote Icelandic Heritage, Culture, Language, and Genealogy.

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