After much conversation and sleepless nights, it has been decided that the 2020 Icelandic Camp will be cancelled this summer due to Covid-19.

We will be working with technology to provide some sort of online adventure.  Keep checking in for more details.

Visiting the New Iceland Museum
Don't mess with the Valkyrie
The Viking Gang!
The Whole Gang
Gummi, our friend from Iceland
Walk to the Rock on Willow Island
Learning Viking Battles (but safely)
Enjoying a camp fire discussion
Viking Statue
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Call us now to book an experience of a lifetime:    1-204-485-5455

July 25th - July 30th, 2021

Please mail all registrations to:

Icelandic Camp

c/o Brad Hirst

1877 Henderson Highway  Winnipeg, MB  R2G 1P4

Icelandic Language

Learn the language of the Vikings!


With our language instructor Brett Lamoreaux the children will leave the camp knowing how to carry on a conversation and more.  Assisting Brett will be  PJ Buchan who wwill be bringing his experience as lead Icelandic language instructor at the University of Manitoba to the older kids and will have them speaking more Icelandic than they thought possible


 Drama Production

The EDDA's of Icelandic Camp


This year our Camp Director Mallory Swanson will be working with the entire camp and producing 3-4 short sagas which will be brought to life at your 4th annual Icelandic Camp Concert Series.  

Icelandic Camp Band

Created by renowned composer Kenley Kristophersson in 2012, several of our young, talented campers began to learn different instruments.  Over their time at camp they learned how to play 1-2 songs and performed them for the parents and grand parents.  This year we will be featuring them at the Icelandic Camp Concert Series

SHAW TV - News Spots

It's all about the MUSIC

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